Monday, December 5, 2011

A & E Writing Today

The Arts and Entertainment

I am looking up reviews of media to see how journalism has an impact on the arts and entertainment.
For this assignment I researched the band Jesus Culture. I like this band because they are always awaiting a revival and God is their main focus in every one of their songs.  They make it easy to focus on God instead of the words and has a time to worship God.

The reviews said: - lyrical content of the songs are limited, repetitiveness, relies on the emotion of the experience to carry things. - crowd participation is big, chorus and bridge repeated often but dynamic changed enough, effective and powerful spontaneous worship.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Future in Journalism

W we talked in class about ways that we can start getting experience in our major. We always talk about internships and freelance jobs that we can do. We also have opportunities on campus in our school newspaper and other media sources. So far my freshman year, I have not done much to gain experience in this field besides basic classes in Journalism. I would like to, however, start to shadow for my local newspaper. I would like to do an internship for something that is more focused on visual Journalism. I have come across many opportunities for print but I would like to focus on the visual aspect of Journalism instead.

The Meanings That Come With Music

In class we listened to a CD named New World Son and listened to track 12. The song talks about being weary. But when we are weary God gives us the strength that we need. When we call out His name he is there. We live full of worry and stress and God is the one that gives us peace. We call unto him when we need his comfort because he will help us. This song is mellow and very calm. It helps us to reflect and just give everything up to God.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Fact Checking Is Crucial

Facts are truths about our reality. They are the ideas that we believe and that shape our views.
As Journalists our job is to communicate the truth to the public. The public trusts that the information that we are giving them is accurate.
Why would we want to deceive anyone into believing something that is false?
As Christians we should always walk in the light. All truth is God's truth. Anything that is not truth is not of God. So by writing false facts we would not be following God.
Besides the moral wrong of false facts, there are consequences to writing fabricated facts in the Journalism industry. As the movie Shattered Glass shows, a Journalists credibility is diminished by this. Their career is even put on the line if the case is big enough.
Fact checking is crucial and fabrication of facts should never be done.

News Structure

Mosque Set on Fire in Northern Israel 

Lead: A mosque in an Arab village in the Galilee, northern Israel, was set on fire in the early hours of Monday morning in what police said was an arson attack, and its walls were defaced with Hebrew graffiti.

Says Who: Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman talked to Isabel Kershner, the Journalist who covered this story for the New York Times.

Background : Jewish extremists set a mosque in the village of Tuba-Zangariya on fire. It was vandalized and graffiti in Hebrew was painted on it's walls.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video, the moder newspaper.

Today in class we had a guest speaker who taught us about news on the web and through videos. We learned some basics, of course it would be kind of difficult to learn everything you need to know in an hour. But this was very helpful. He talked a little about how to shoot video when a person is talking. For example, when you zoom out of a shot you tilt down as you go and when zooming in you tilt up as you go. He taught us how to clean up a video using B-roll. It was a good introduction to news through videos.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Broadcast Journalism

Today we had a speaker come into our class to talk to us about Broadcast and Radio Journalism. His name is Dave D. We were put in groups of three and given flip cams to go out around campus and shoot stories. My group went out and took video of the different projects that are being built around the school. We took video of the new fire lane that is being built and the new Tablot building that is being finished. We also interviewed one of the construction workers who was working on the Tablot building. Ryan Lunde, one of the people in our group talked on camera about the new structures and projects that are being constructed around campus. It was exciting to go out and actually see news in person and record it for ourselves.